Conferencing Services
Additional Services/Features
  Call Screening
If you supply a list of conferee invitations, we will ensure that only those invited are joining your meeting. If an individual who is not on the list tries to join the conference, he or she will be directed to the proper parties for verification as per your instructions.

24x7 Teleconference
Hold a call instantly. We will set up an automated passcode conference call, which you can access in a moment's notice, any time of the day or night. You can get all your departments together in the blink of an eye just by giving all your participants a passcode.

If you have a sales call every Monday at 8 a.m., just set up your reservation once. We will take care of everything else.

Need to hold a call instantly, with no reservation? Contact us and we will get your conference call up and running in a matter of minutes.

Two or more conference participants can request a private line for closed discussion, and then return to the main conference at any time.

A Q&A session gives your participants the opportunity to queue up and ask the speaker a question. Participant lines are un-muted one at a time by the operator and placed back in listen-only mode once the question has been asked. Participation is controlled by the host via the Comm Line.

Allows a presenter to speak uninterrupted by ensuring one-way communication.

Roll Call
At the beginning of the conference the operator takes attendance and will announce the names of all participants if you so request.

Comm Line
The Comm Line is your behind the scenes link between your company and the operator.

Host Security
The teleconference moderator can open and close access to a teleconference using a touch-tone telephone code. While closed, both the operator and late participants will be locked out.

Dial-In participants can be required to enter a passcode on their touch-tone telephones before gaining access to a confidential teleconference. The passcode can be changed for security.

Pre-Recorded Conference Inserts
Have pre-recorded speakers, or other recordings, played to participants during a live teleconference.

Customized Announcements
Personalized announcements may be given by an operator at any time during a teleconference.

Introduction of Late Participants
If late participants are allowed into the conference, you may choose to have the operator announce their arrival in the conference, or you may elect to use simple automated entry and exit tones.

Verification of Call Disconnect
If a party disconnects during your call, operator will contact that individual to ensure that they disconnected intentionally. Available on Dial-Out calls only.

Call Monitoring
All calls are monitored digitally. If requested, an operator will monitor your call to ensure quality.

Music on Hold
Music will be played while your conferees are waiting for the conference to begin. We will play generic hold music, or you may supply the music you wish to be played.

Confirmations of all Reservations
All reservations are confirmed via e-mail, unless you specify otherwise.

Pre-Call Consultations
This service gives you the chance to consult with an operator about the structure and flow of your conference call.

Test Call Consultations
This service gives you the opportunity to test the speakerphones and other equipment you will be using on your call for sound quality.

Teleconference Training
We will provide your users with training on our services, via conference call.

Pre-notification of Participants
We notify your participants of an upcoming teleconference via telephone call, fax, or e-mail.

Prepare a series of multiple-choice questions for your conferees to answer using their touch-tone phone. Results are tabulated and reported to the host.

Fax on Demand
Conference participants dial in to receive a fax of your conference related materials at their convenience.

Content Editing Services
Will edit non-pertinent/irrelevant content out of your recorded conference call as per your instructions. Price includes initial recording.

Digital Replay (with menu)
Will digitally record your conference for playback at any time. Access available via touch-tone phone.

Participant List
A complete list of conference participants (with or without affiliations) can be sent to you after your conference ends.

Registration Services
Three types of Registration Services are available:

  • Live: Participants dial into a registration number and leave their information with an operator.
  • Digital: Participants dial into a pre-arranged number to have their registration message digitally recorded.
  • Online: Participants log on to a web site and enter the registration information.

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